Our investment program delivers a portfolio of “Diversifying Private Assets™.”

Cloverlay portfolios provide exposure to niche strategies (co-investments & esoteric funds) frequently absent from traditional private market allocations. We invest alongside specialist partners focused on tangible or intangible assets, agnostic of investment format.

Cloverlay generally invests $10-50 million into private market opportunities at the lower end of the market.

Professional Sports SPV
Royalty Assets
Ownership of minority stakes in professional sports franchises and related assets.
Lloyd’s Insurer/Reinsurer
Financial Assets
A co-investment in a specialty insurance/reinsurance group that manages one of the largest syndicates at Lloyd’s of London, the premier marketplace for underwriting complex risks globally.
Cold Storage Facilities
Core Capital Assets
A platform focused on the development of eight to ten state of the art, high quality, semi-automated cold storage facilities in major US supply chain hubs.
Cacao Project
Resource Assets
A greenfield platform focused on developing a best-in-class, single-origin, certified cacao farm in Colombia.
Wildfire Aviation
Core Capital Assets
The secondary purchase of a wildfire aviation platform focused on aerial fire suppression via a fleet of single engine scoopers.
Northern VA Dark Fiber
Core Capital Assets
A co-investment in a company providing mission critical, data center-focused dark fiber solutions within Northern Virginia, the largest data center market in the world.
Intellectual Property
Royalty Assets
A fund targeting large patent portfolios and intellectual property-backed loans, principally within the technology and life-science industries.
C-Band Spectrum Licenses
Core Capital Assets
A platform organized by a seasoned industry veteran to participate in the FCC’s auction of spectrum licenses located in the 3.7-3.98 GHz band.
Litigation Finance Secondaries
Financial Assets
A first-time fund targeting GP-led litigation finance secondaries organized by pioneers in the litigation finance industry.

Please refer to Cloverlay’s organizational materials for a complete description of terms. The investments noted above were chosen as a representative sample, not a complete portfolio.